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A Clear Vision 👀

Crafting a wiki where every question has a clear and understandable answer. Emphasizing community-driven contributions and using modern technology to prioritize human intelligence.

At our core, fairness is paramount, with a commitment to promptly compensate our contributors.

We believe collaboration is key. Easy ways for users to ask questions or suggest articles, with convenient avenues for contributors to answer collaboratively.

50+ Articles 📖

handwritten, researched, detailed, relevant

Fair Contribution 🤝

We share 15% of our profits equally among all active contributors. Those just have to maintain at least 80% of the contribution average from the last quarter.

We distribute 40% of the winnings to the top 40% of contributors, based on their percentage of participation. This calculation is algorithmic, taking into account various factors such as the quality and relevance of articles.

We reinvest 45% of our earnings, after deducting fixed costs, into Clarify Wiki and sister companies. This fund supports non-profit initiatives and community projects, contributing to a better future through shared success!


What topics can I find information on?

Everything! Our wiki covers all fields of knowledge, with articles created and requested by users like you. Whether you're looking for historical facts, gardening tips, or music reviews, we have you covered.

How can I contribute to the wiki?

Anyone can create or request articles! Our writers also focus on highly searched topics with less existing information, ensuring diverse and valuable content.

How do you ensure the accuracy and fairness of information?

We have a dedicated team keeping the platform up-to-date and articles are evaluated for quality before publication. Additionally, our revenue system incentivizes fair and accurate contributions.

What makes your wiki different from others?

We combine a comprehensive knowledge base with a social media twist, allowing users to share well-researched articles on diverse topics, including opinions and experiences. Think of it as a community-driven encyclopedia meets engaging social platform!

What are your future plans for the wiki?

We're constantly evolving! Subwikis for specific groups like children, students, and hobbyists are in the works, alongside further integration of social features. Our goal is to become the go-to destination for learning and sharing knowledge in an engaging and informative way.