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Lucky 13

The sixteenth episode of the first season of Love Death and Robots is a captivating contribution to the Netflix series. Here are some key details about this episode:

  • Title: Lucky 13
  • Air Date: March 15, 2019
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Short Film, Action

Plot and Cast

The story is carried by the main cast of the episode:

  • Directed by: Gabriele Pennacchioli & Jerome Chen
  • Written by: Marko Kloos, Philip Gelatt & Tim Miller
  • Main Cast:
    • Samira Wiley as Lieutenant Colby (Voice Synchronization)
    • Daisuke Tsuji as Chief Warrant Officer Lee (Voice Synchronization)
    • Nestor Serrano as Major Graham (Voice Synchronization)
    • Stanton Lee as Sergeant Howard (Voice Synchronization)
    • Noshir Dalal as Sergeant Pettibone (Voice Synchronization)
    • Jeffrey Pierce as Private First Class Macdonald (Voice Synchronization)
    • David Paladino as Private First Class D'Esposito (Voice Synchronization)
    • Jeff Schine as I-MC (Voice Synchronization)
    • Melissa Sturm as Bitching Betty (Voice Synchronization)


  • Producers:
    • Joshua Donen
    • David Fincher
    • Victoria L. Howard (Supervising Producer)
    • Jennifer Miller
    • Tim Miller (Showrunner)
  • Music: Rob Cairns
  • Editing: Tyler Nelson (Sony Pictures Imageworks)
  • Casting: Ivy Isenberg
  • Art Direction: Daniel James Cox
  • Production Management: Several members from Sony Pictures Imageworks

Visual Effects and Animation

The episode showcases impressive visual effects and animations, including:

  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Jerome Denjean
  • Animation Supervisor (Sony Pictures Imageworks): Richard Smith
  • Character Animators: A list of artists, including Simon Black, Yim Hang May Chow, Joshua DiCarlo, and many more.

Additional Information

The episode was produced by notable figures such as Tim Miller (creator of Deadpool) and David Fincher (director of Fight Club). The original soundtrack is composed by Rob Cairns.


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